Burton Latimer Baptist Church's allotment is located behind the church and is 50x80 feet. It includes 2 raised beds, 2 fruit cages and a greenhouse. The allotment is looked after by Derek Muggleton, who grows vegetables for the Church Luncheon Club and makes jam from the fruit to sell to cover the cost of seeds and plants. Harvest is a busy time as the allotment provides vegetables to decorate the windows in church. This year will include large pumpkins, butternut squash and other unusual shaped items. 

Golden Delicious apples

Butternut Squash

Cosmos for the bees

French and Borlotti (Italian) Beans

Garlic and Onions


Green Tomatoes

Lavender for the bees

Leeks for the Luncheon Club

Green and Red Lettuce

Potatoes flowering with the beans

Raspberries in the fruit cage


Runner Beans

Runner Beans

Self set Foxglove


Summer fruiting raspberries ready for jam


The Church Allotment from the bottom of the plot

Black and red currants, strawberries and raspberries in the fruit cage

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and sweet potatoes in the greenhouse

View of St. Mary's