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What Can You See?
I was recently looking at a cartoon which depicted two cleaning ladies together with heir mops and buckets. It seemed that they were cleaners for the BBC and were reading a staff notice board. One was making a comment on the salaries of the company executives to the effect that they were way overpaid which had caused many problems for the company. What made me laugh aloud was the fact that the two ladies were dressed up to the nines in ball gowns, tiaras and bling. Hypocrisy or what!?

Oh Crumbs!
I remember when I was giving a lecture once to a group of students in the mid-nineties. My subject on this particular course was the legal component and I was talking about the risk of making assumptions.

How Dare You!
Amongst the younger population (as well as a few older ones who maybe like to be considered ‘with it’) that goes “How very dare you”. That said, phrases do get picked up and become more widely used. I have always heard it in the context that indicates that the speaker was perhaps not one hundred per cent satisfied with a seemingly critical remark received but wanted to make that known in a softer way, a way not designed to hurt or provoke anger but nevertheless just wanted to give some indication of that point.

There Is Many A Slip…….!
I have always had the ability to gather and store sayings and proverbs, a fair percentage of which have been handed down to me via my Mum.

Unwanted Bedfellows
(No, this is definitely not risqué in any way - it is ‘U’ rated!)

The Big Fat Pigeon
If you are like us, you will often look out of your window and see at least one very large pigeon waddling around. We have a bird table, with feeders, which attracts many different birds to our garden.

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