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I wonder whether you like a good joke, I would imagine that most people would and it is good to have something to laugh at because the weather certainly isn't too good right now!

Green, Yellow and Bent!
There is a great deal that could be written on the subject of bananas, but I'll restrain myself – really I will.

A Signal From Falling Leaves
Here’s a tale for you which is still the source of merriment in our family today.

There Was This Little Girl...
I heard this story recently and thought it rather amusing. It is of secular origin but I could see how well it could be applied to a church setting.

Coming And Going
‘Come ye thankful people come’ is one of my favourite harvest hymns since childhood. I love both the tune and the words but for a long time I just thought it was all about picking the fruit and vegetables then one day I paid close attention to the words later in the hymn and realised that it was referring to two kinds of harvest. There was the growing and harvesting of produce but there was also the harvest of God’s people, that it gives a description of how one day he would gather the believers to himself.

Can You Hear Me Mother?
This phrase became very well known in the 1930s and 40s when it was coined by a radio comedian called Sandy Powell.

What Did She Mean!?
Done it again, another overheard snippet (see Is That Bad Or Sad).

So Near.......
Walking past a car recently there was a text transfer sign on the rear which read, perhaps not verbatim, ' you are so close behind you might as well get in'. I chuckled quietly to myself because I have muttered similar words to myself when driving. Perhaps most drivers have at some time.

It Just Fell To Pieces
A few years ago we had a new kitchen fitted and the sink unit came supplied complete with a dish drainer. This drainer was metal coated in white plastic and for quite a long time looked as good as the day we first had it. However, by and by, one day a small crack in the coating appeared then several more. Then rust began to appear along the cracks until recently it became impossible to wipe without pieces falling off. Time for a new one! Fast forward and we now have a brand new one, stainless steel to make sure that it will not just do the job but last. We could have had a cheap chrome one for £3.49 but definitely inferior quality and durability. My father always used that well known phrase, “you get what you pay for”. There is also another saying, “buy cheap buy twice”.

Is That Bad Or Sad?
Passing by a group of chaps having a discussion, I overheard one say, “they reckon if you want to meet famous people, you should join Alcoholics Anonymous”. A whole range of thoughts went through my mind.

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