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Wandering Winnie
Whether this was a saying known only to my Mum I am not quite sure. However, as the phrase suggests, she used it to describe females of a wandering disposition, an inability to settle in either job, place, relationship or all three.

Yack, yack, yack
One of the online definitions of the word 'yack' that I read described it as trivial and incessant conversation. It sums up well the situation I found myself in recently when I was obliged to listen to the conversation of a woman close by.

Bitter Sweet Success!
Sometimes there are small successes amongst things that are not going so well. Take, for example, our raspberries. We bought two pots each with five canes from a Garden Centre I won't name.

What's that you heard?
One of my childhood pleasures was to go round to the next door neighbour's house.

Bit Of A Waddle
The birds have been entertaining me again. Watching two fat pigeons waddling up the garden as fast as they could. I couldn't make up my mind whether they were having a race, whether the back one was chasing the front one or whether both of them were in a hurry.

Not The Dentist!
I feel rather the same way about poems as I do paintings. There are some that I really like but in the vast scheme of things they would be a minority and, in case you are wondering, I don't write poetry though I have written the odd limerick from time to time.

Funny how sometimes you suddenly hear the same thing two or thee times in quick succession. This has happened to me very recently.

Fools Rush In
Typical. Sent in my last blog (A Lot of Gas) then thought of something else I could have added relevant to to unwise spoken word. It also is based on words from Proverbs and this may not be verbatim but it goes like this, “Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!” I have always found some amusement in that one though it is doubtless sound policy at times.

A Lot of Gas
Years ago there used to be a television programme called All Gas and Gaiters in which the actor Derek Nimmo played the hapless Bishop's chaplain to William Mervyn's Bishop.

Rock On
​In my previous blog I talked about outward appearances and I am going to start by picking up that thread again and take it in a slightly different direction.

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