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Funny how sometimes you suddenly hear the same thing two or thee times in quick succession. This has happened to me very recently.

Fools Rush In
Typical. Sent in my last blog (A Lot of Gas) then thought of something else I could have added relevant to to unwise spoken word. It also is based on words from Proverbs and this may not be verbatim but it goes like this, “Better to keep quiet and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt!” I have always found some amusement in that one though it is doubtless sound policy at times.

A Lot of Gas
Years ago there used to be a television programme called All Gas and Gaiters in which the actor Derek Nimmo played the hapless Bishop's chaplain to William Mervyn's Bishop.

Rock On
​In my previous blog I talked about outward appearances and I am going to start by picking up that thread again and take it in a slightly different direction.

Fine Feathers
It is that time of year again and we have been kept amused and interested by the many birds that visit our garden and many of them are presently collecting nesting material.

Strike a Light
My Dad had a habit of getting into scrapes of one sort or another, and they usually resulted in much laughter in the family. I have to say, though, that he did not always see it in quite the same light!

Two Big Ones
Recently we one of our favourite lakeside walks. There are lots of trees and bushes of all different sorts; swans, geese and ducks swim on the lake as well of plenty of evidence around the banks of animal activity although we have not seen the animals. At intervals the whole way round are clearings – some with small decks – that are used by fishermen. It is members only, no day tickets, so each as their own allocated numbered fishing station.

Take a Letter
“Take a letter, Miss Jones, or Smith or Brown”... for example, was common in the days beforeelectronic equipment was introduced into the office.

Names can be very meaningful for many reasons. Above all a name gives an identity to a person, an object, a building, a road and so the list goes on. and makes organisation that much easier. I am not a cuddly toy collector, never have been, but I do have a rather attractive teddy bear about 10 inches in height with a neat little scarf around his neck – and, no, I don't know what that is in centimetres! He was given to me quite some time ago by one of my daughters. I use the word 'he' because it does have a name, I called it Wordsworth after the poet.

Food of Love
“If music be the food of love, play on...” is the opening line of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Of the plays I have seen or read, this is one of my favourites and contains the famous 'The Box Tree' scene and is a marvelous example of the humour of the times although you need to to read from the beginning of the play because it leads up to the scene. Read on it's own it would not be at all funny.

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