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Mirror, Mirror
Some years ago whilst visiting family in Wyoming, I was browsing one those shops filled with many items aimed at the present-giving, souvenir customer. Not tat, I hasten to add, all quality goods which the Americans excel at. Looking through some smallish tapestry cushions primarily designed for display I came across one which made me chuckle. It read 'Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all'. It is often said that if a young man wants to know what his prospective wife will look be like in later years he should just look at her mother.

Read the Instructions
There are so many times that we have laughed and laughed or got frustrated and grumbled when we could not get things to go as they should. I think we are far from being alone in this. It can happen with trying to assemble flat pack furniture, cooking ready prepared food, in gardening matters and many other aspects of life. Usually this chaos is caused when we think we know what to do and find out that, actually we didn't.

There is a well known saying that goes 'Love means never having to say you are sorry'. The premise behind this that is there is genuine love between people then you can take for granted that each party will understand and forgive. You could turn that around and say that if there is love then an apology will be automatically and freely given, and also accepted. That is the is the whole point of saying sorry though there is no doubt that the word is sometimes used and not truly meant. At times an apology is not offered even though it really should be.

Definitely Fish
Recent experience has shown us that buying fish is not always as straight forward as you might expect. Hubby went to the supermarket with his list in hand. One item on his list was fresh mackerel and so he headed for the fish counter and made several purchases one of which went into the freezer when he got home.

Comfort Blanket
The phrase 'comfort blanket' was originally used to describe a child's favourite blanket that they liked to cuddle or carry around with them as a soother and generally they did not like to be parted from it. Taken away or lost would trigger much crying and lamenting. These days the usage has broadened; for instance, I guess, some people regard their mobile phone rather in the same way. Apparently surveys have shown that many have a real panic attack if they are without for whatever reason.

A Cat Would Laugh
My father would often use the phrase “it would make a cat laugh” when the ridiculous or absurd was said or happened – usually reported by the media and quite often related to politics but not always. I have used it on occasions,simply by means of our close association though I cannot recall it being in general usage but perhaps that is down to how long ago it was! I picked up the phrase which is after all how all catchphrases are propagated or handed down. A certain newspaper columnist is wont to comment, “you couldn't make it up”; dear old Terry Wogan often used to ask “is it me?”. Another one that comes to mind is “I'll go to the foot of our stairs”. There are many others, some are more modern ones which I am not so familiar with.

How do they......?
"There are more questions than answers....” was the opening line of a popular song recorded by Johnny Nash in my much younger days – as always, if you are interested just Google or go to Youtube. The song continues thus “....and the more that I find out the less I know”. Nowadays most of the programmes I watch are quite informative, usually but not always, intentionally. I am am finding it to be true, the more that I learn the more I realise that there is an incalculable amount that I do not know.

Playing It Safe
I was recently talking to somebody about the trip I made to India in some years ago. It was through a Christian missionary organisation that sent out teams of volunteers to various different countries for short term projects, not unlike the BMS Action Teams but the usual duration was for only two or three weeks. The team I joined consisted of nine of us of varying ages both male and female and we undertook a variety of tasks spending a day at a school, a day at a drug and alcohol abuse residential centre where the aim was to rehabilitate firstly and to demonstrate Christian love in action.

Is It A Freebie?
We all know the sayings such as 'there is no such thing as a free lunch' or 'if it seems too good to be true then it probably is'. Any reader who uses an ipad or computer, will be familiar with 'pop-ups' that come from companies trying to sell you something. Often it is quite plainly an advertisement but sometimes they are like trojan horses saying why not have a look at this but when you dig deeper, yes, it is your money they are tying to part you from.

Doors and Rooms
Over the years a few people have shared with me details of a vision they have seen or other spiritual experiences and miracles. They have all been devout Christians whose words I trusted in absolutely, such as the lady I knew well who told me that one day when she was praying quietly at home she had suddenly begun to speak in tongues. She is a dear soul not given to flights of fancy or to boastfulness and I never heard the information since from anyone else so I do not believe it was shared widely.

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