Back Story
For us this has been quite an eventful September, with many new experiences as I get around both the church and the area fellowship and meet new friends and re-connect with old ones.

The Known & Unknown Folk
I keep on getting emails suggesting that by paying £4 a month, I can pre-pay for my funeral, whenever that may be. In the advert is a picture of a family taking a ‘selfie’ and really enjoying it. What are they celebrating I ask? Is it the passing of dear old Grandad? Perhaps he has left them all a big inheritance, and they are rejoicing at his generosity! Is there some other hidden meaning?

Being Local
Capernaum, Bethsaida, Chorazin, Nazareth, Gennesaret, these are the small towns in Galilee where Jesus was based and began his ministry. He would, of course, go to Jerusalem. There he would debate with the priests, challenge the power of the Temple, and become a political threat to be arrested, humiliated and executed. This was what had to be. This was why he came. This is his significance for us; Jesus is the crucified and risen Son of God. But those little communities in the north are also necessary.

On the 4th. July, our American Cousins will be celebrating ‘Independence Day’, when they ceased to be a British Colony and became the ‘Land of the Free’. Ten days later, on Bastille Day, the French will be celebrating their Revolution, which established Equality, Fraternity and Liberty as the foundations of their future.

On Your Own Terms
Some years ago I started collecting recordings of pianists. I've always enjoyed piano music, so I decided to find out why, I decided to compare pianists and see who was best. I bought lots of CDs, old LPs, even 78s. Multiple versions of the same pieces. I listened and listened. It was tricky. The thing is, most of them turned out to be good, but in different ways. You can find the fastest and most accurate easily enough, but isn't this one the most expressive? That one the most exciting? This the most enthralling?

Looking Back!
I am writing this in the week following Easter. Looking back over the past week, it has been for a me, a significant time at Church. The Cantata on Palm Sunday, the 'different‘- meal on Maundy Thursday and the happy Easter Sunday Morning Service. It gave me opportunity to live well-known events in a fresh way.

Reading The Bible Is?
Many of the patients I see in the hospital have difficulty reading. They often ask for bibles.

By the time you read this, we shall be half way through the period of Lent. By tradition, this is when the Church remembers the forty days that Jesus was in the wilderness being tempted. This year it started on 18th February, which was Ash Wednesday.

The Meeting
I’ve been to several Quaker Sunday services, or meetings as they call them. Once no one said anything for the whole hour. Another time most of the sixty minutes were filled with talking. On one occasion the hour dragged (not the completely silent one, surprisingly) and on another it sped by.

Many Thanks
I find it very difficult to say “Thank you”. This is not because I am ungrateful, but because I hate seeming to be patronising. ‘Brucie’ has got patronising down to a fine art with his “Didn’t he do well”. At the end of January we are to have our Church AGM when office-holders are re-re-elected “en block” and we shall pass on to the next business.