Q&A: Richard Rohr
Catholicism’s failings, protestantism’s ‘neurotic need for certitude’ and the importance of darkness: one of the world’s most influential Christians discusses mystery.

Q&A: Tony Campolo
The well-known Baptist leader applies his 80 years of experience to liberals and conservatives, arrogance and humility, Richard Rohr and John Piper.

Q&A: Being The Change
Deborah Jamieson has served government at the highest level on the subject of gender based violence (GBV). Here she addresses key questions about the Church and access to justice.

Q&A: Walter Brueggemann, Miroslav Volf & Richard Rohr On Communion
Walter Brueggemann, Miroslav Volf and Richard Rohr are thinkers from different traditions, theological schools and philosophical approaches – and they are all deeply influential within the body of Christ. The three 2014 Catalyst Live speakers answered questions about Communion for Mission Catalyst.

Jubilee, Interest & the Nature of Money
Jubilee, interest and the nature of money: Christianity has something to say to economics